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SmarTrucking is a cloud-based software to manage your trucking operations from end-to-end.


Features you love


Simplicity is most important to us. Users will fall in love with it and we are open to new ideas!


No need to invest in servers or worry about hardware failures. Just focus on business. Access from anywhere!


Your data will remain secure in-transit and at-rest. It will be backed up automatically!


Use it on your Mac, PC or Tablet. As long as you are connected to internet, you can access it.


The architecture of software allows it to scale even as your data increases. It's fast!

ELD Integration

Out of the box, we will provide integration with major ELD players like KeepTruckin.


Do you want to customize something to meet your need? No Problem - we can accommodate you.


Be Productive...Do more with less...

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Dispatch Full Or Partial Loads

Core Features

  • Register and manage the freight through simple yet effective workflow.
  • Book Unlimited Loads – Multiple Pickups and Deliveries Supported
  • Know your driver's HOS Data and Available Time (ELD Integration Required)
  • Full and Partial Deliveries are allowed
  • Manage loads for multiple carrier entities
  • Save & Bookmmark loads to view them quickly

Files & Notes

  • Attach all relevant files associated with freight/order
  • View Change Log
  • Record history about the freight

Snapshot Views - See everything about freight in one place

  • Basic Info & Status
  • Who/When/Where about Freight
  • View Freights by Status

Communication (Optional)

  • Nofify Brokers about key milestones
  • Send SMS to Drivers about Pickup/Deliveries

Track Who/When/What

Core Features

  • Arrange and manage the driver trips using simple yet effective workflow.
  • Variety of options to arrange trips to make final freight delivery
  • Full and Partial Deliveries are allowed
  • Save & Bookmmark trips to view them quickly

Files & Notes

  • Attach all relevant files associated with drivers on road
  • View Change Log
  • Record history about the driver trip

Auto-Tracking (Optional)

  • Drivers can send SMS to inform about their situation
  • Integration with tracking services

Compliance, Safety & Claims Features

Proactive Safety

  • Dashboards for upcoming driver paperwork renewal
  • Dashboards for upcoming vehicle (Trailer/Trucks) maintenance

Manage Incidents/Tickets

  • Keep electronic log of Inspection Tickets and other incidents on the road
  • Manage Inspection follow ups through simple workflow
  • Attach all electronic records associated with road incidents
  • Safety Audit Clearance for All Driver Trips

Manage Claims

  • Enter Claims Information and track claims through simple workflow
  • Attach all electronic documents associated with claims

Reminders (Optional)

  • Get reminded about vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Get reminded about driver records

And many more features. We can also build and deliver custom modules for you!


  • Dashboards for Tops Brokers and Dispatcher Employees.
  • Monthly Bookings & Bookings by custom categories.
  • Ask for custom dashboards that you want to see.


  • Upcoming Pickups/Deliveries
  • Archiived Freight Orders & Driver Trips
  • Snapshot Report for In-Transit Freight


  • Driver Billing
  • Custom Implementation as per your need

How do we get started?

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    Contact Us

    Let us learn about each other. Tell us about the nature of your trucking business and understand if SmarTrucking is for you. We will not push you if you decide to walk away.

  • 2
    See SmarTrucking in Action!

    Let us show you how simple and intuitive it is to use our application and how it helps you achieve more with less resources. This is a perfect opportunity for you to tell us if you would need additional customizations or functionality.

  • 3
    Setup and Training!

    Once you make a decision, we will set you up with your dedicated instance as per your availability and workload demand. We'll also train your key personnel.

  • 4
    Give us feedback

    Contact our support team for any feedback or issues that you encounter.


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Contact Us for Pricing

We offer competitive pricing. We charge hosting charges, in addition to licensing charges. The hosting charges are small if you have smaller team and you do not global operations. The licensing cost will depend on the volume of your operations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

At this moment, you will receive an invoice every month. You can send payment through check or ACH transaction.

Is there any contract?

There is no obligation to use our product. You can cancel at time and we will not send invoice when your next monthly payment is due. Your users won't be able to login to the application once you decide to cancel.

What if I need additional functionality or customize the functionality?

You can contact us, if the additional functionality enhances the product or relatively minor, we shall implement it free of charge for you. For other types of requests, we can discuss the cost associated with you.

What happens to our data? Is it shared with others?

The data entered by you remains secure and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.


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